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The Steve Warneke Show

Steve honorably retired after over 15 years on the Denver Police Department. During that time, he worked in 5 of the 6 districts as a street officer.  His assignments included neighborhood police officer, field training officer, financial crimes detective, sergeant, internal affairs investigator, trained and certified hostage negotiator, and a supervisor in the social media and media relations department. 

Steve has won 2 Heartland Emmy Awards and 4 Edward R Murrow Awards for his outstanding work with the Denver Police Department 's media relations efforts. He was also a recipient of 2 Denver Police Department Distinguished Service Cross Medals and was he was nominated for a Presidential Medal of Valor.

Steve was the first openly gay talk show host on Denver's premier 50,000-watt clear-channel radio station 850 KOA. You can find Steve now as a police expert on various different media outlets. 

Steve's latest project involves assisting police officers by providing research and support for those suffering from Law Enforcement Distress Syndrome. 

Dec 14, 2017

Have questions about use of force and deadly force used by police officers? Sit down with ret. police sergeant and author of From Boy To Blue, Steve Warneke, as he explains the main reasons for use of force, and the five levels of the Use of Force Continuum.

Dec 7, 2017

Steve Warneke, author of From Boy To Blue, rants this week about Police worn body cameras. They were supposed to be the answer to all our problems ... what are we finding out? The answers will surprise you.

Nov 29, 2017

Mass Shootings. Unfortunately they seem to be more and more common. Steve walks you through mentally preparing yourself and practicing 6 steps in order to protect yourself or a loved one during any life-threatening situation.

Nov 16, 2017

Special guest former police officer Dustin Duff talk with retired DPD sergeant Steve Warneke about the best and worst times on the job, the move towards reactive police work instead of proactive, and how it’s affected their lives after leaving the force... You won’t believe what you hear!

Nov 9, 2017

University of Miami. The South Beach shooting. Events like these have everyone talking about what they think use of force should be… is it justified? How severe should  it be? Well Steve is here to put an end to the debate, to tell you how department policy defines use of force that ultimately enFORCEs the laws we...