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The Steve Warneke Show

Steve honorably retired after over 15 years on the Denver Police Department. During that time, he worked in 5 of the 6 districts as a street officer.  His assignments included neighborhood police officer, field training officer, financial crimes detective, sergeant, internal affairs investigator, trained and certified hostage negotiator, and a supervisor in the social media and media relations department. 

Steve has won 2 Heartland Emmy Awards and 4 Edward R Murrow Awards for his outstanding work with the Denver Police Department 's media relations efforts. He was also a recipient of 2 Denver Police Department Distinguished Service Cross Medals and was he was nominated for a Presidential Medal of Valor.

Steve was the first openly gay talk show host on Denver's premier 50,000-watt clear-channel radio station 850 KOA. You can find Steve now as a police expert on various different media outlets. 

Steve's latest project involves assisting police officers by providing research and support for those suffering from Law Enforcement Distress Syndrome. 

Feb 29, 2020

We've got a great show today: the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale talks about the future of Fort Lauderdale's waterways, the owner of Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Service gives termite advice, and several listeners call in with car service issues. We're tackling all of it NOW with Your Detective of the Air! #

Feb 22, 2020

Today the Better Business Bureau explains how you can use their website to pick the right companies or file complaints. We also talk about spot treatment v tenting for termites, and we help you get your ZEN on by teaching you about the newest yoga craze! Lastly, if you have problems with your MRI billing? You won't...

Feb 15, 2020

Today we expose a runaway wedding photographer and the city's response to your high water bills! Plus learn what to do if someone calls to solicit donations, and how best to donate to police!

Feb 3, 2020

LISTEN UP: If it sounds too good to be true... IT PROBABLY IS! Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. To learn more about how NOT to be a victim of a scam and why you should always agree to services from a tree-trimming company in WRITING, listen here! Originally aired on AM850 WFTL February 1, 2020.